※New rules to be implemented to promote etiquette
 and limit the unauthorized resale of goods   

Thank you very much to the customers that took the time to visit our new store.

However, due to the actions of particular customers, there were some cases where other customers felt uncomfortable.

In order to prevent these unwelcome acts/customers, we decided to introduce some rules and regulations.

Kaikai Kiki has the right to deny any sales and ask any customer to leave the vicinity who conduct the following actions:

● If you are deemed to be a reseller whose purchase
 will be used for unauthorized commercial purposes.
● If you do not cooperate with the instructions given by the staff.
● If you are being an inconvenience to other customers and or other stores.

On December 17th 2017, we witnessed cases that fall under the above – for example:

1. The act of giving orders / receiving instructions at the store to wait in the queue to purchase the goods. The act of jumping the queue or talking loudly while in queue.

Making telephone calls or exchanging photography with Messenger application Wechat to give orders / receive instructions are also prohibited.

2. The act of handing money to a person who will make a purchase at the store. The act of exchanging money and purchased goods at or near the store.

3. The act of blocking passage by a large bag etc.

To ensure a pleasant shopping experience for every customer who visit Nakano Broadway, we ask for your kind understanding and cooperation. Thank you.


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